Are all of people humans?

Typology and classification of bipedal and speaking beings which seem to be rational and clever.

Bottom-up: main types


Inhuman word forms
English Russian
  singular plural   ед. ч. мн. ч
masculine inman inmen муж. нелю́док нелю́дки
feminine inwoman inwomen жен. не́людка не́людки
common inhuman inhumans общ. не́людь не́люди

Inhuman has a human body and quite unhuman personality structure. Inhumans are really stranger to human conscience and shame, compassion and sympathy and, a fortiori, to real love and faithfulness. They organically can not understand it because they never experience these feelings and don’t want to feel it. The most mentally developed inhumans can adroitly pretend to be righteous men but really they consider all moral motivated people as unlucky and stupid persons. So it’s a very difficult to recognize inhuman.

There are absolute inhumans among inhumans. Absolute inhuman has no true immortal soul (monad, highest “I”) and doomed to absolute death (full annihilation of personality). Many of them have other bodies (often ethereal, astral, mental and intuitive body) and because of this can reincarnate many times, live dozen of lives in different worlds. Nevertheless none of absolute inhumans can exist forever. And current life in this world will be last for some of them.

They are rarely conscious of it but almost always latently feel. Also inhumans have uncertain sense of their inferiority when compare themselves with humans, people or even subhumans. Because of it, inhumans usually live and act from the principles of “take all from life now”, “nothing will be afterwards”, “after us the deluge”. At times their unrestrained desires and passions become quite perverted. Many humans can’t even imagine the objects of inhuman’s passion. In this respect absolute inhumans are similar to grey beings, the rare and most dangerous type of bipeds.

Inhumans are not even animals assumed the aspect of people but worse by a long chalk. Any prey beast showing cruelty and spite when it foraging or defending itself, rarer through sexual desire. But exactly among inhumans most cruel rapists, sadists, sex maniacs, torturers, deathmen and war criminals are often found. Inhumans are inclined to torture other creatures even without any need for it but just for fun. Other intrinsic features of inhumans are disproportionate cruelty, sometimes fully unmotivated aggression, pathological cupidity and greed. At the same time, inhumans show cowardice and truckling to much stronger and powerful persons.

Inhuman easily can make up his mind for any betrayal, insidiousness, fraud and meanness. And he will not feel any internal resistance before, at the moment and after this action. Anyone of people, any human and even whatever cruel and vicious subhuman has some moral limitation: a line not to be trespassed. It’s inadmissible because it’s inadmissible. There are unhuman actions beyond this line and human would not remain human if he had done it. But inhumans have no internal restrictions and can do anything with anybody in “appropriate” conditions.

So it’s impossible to arrange with inhumans about anything because everyone of them are playing by his own rules and changing that rules during the game. All the more, it’s useless (or even dangerous) to try to convince them, to argue with them, to want them to become good humans, to appeal to their conscience and spirit. We might just as well try to persuade wolf to spare a hare.

Inhumans recognize a force only. And even then they just feign obedience to stronger. But clever inhumans immediately start making all possible meannesses to manage by ruse what they can’t obtain by brutal force.

With all of this, some inhumans are shouting about human rights louder than all others and reacting painfully to any “infringement”, both real and imaginary. By this way they try to compensate their subconsciously felt inferiority. If people could detect and recognize inhuman, people would tell him: “you have to become a human in every sense of the word; after that you will speak about human rights and freedoms and demand something for yourself”. But most of people can not distinguish inhuman from human. And most of inhumans don’t want to become humans because that is very difficult for them. They want to lower human to the level of inhumans and establish “equality and justice” in accordance with their own ideas about it. Sometimes inhuman propagandists speak about total depravity and impute their own vices to all other bipeds. They like to think that every human in the certain hard conditions of living will behave meanly like an inhuman.

Mentally advanced inhumans deliberately manipulate ideas of freedom and equality to subordinate people to them. These figures realize that inhuman capable of endless lie, sham, hypocrisy and venality will be more successful in “liberal and democratic” society than human incapable of it. However, inhumans are sitting pretty under dictatorships too because they are ready to support any outrageous power for some wage. So inhuman may take up a high social position in any country at any times and begin to decide humans’ destinies.

Many inhumans can be found among jailers and officials of some other services.

Most of inhumans are unable to any kind of creativity and they can’t invent and create any brand-new thing, even with high intellectual level and good education. Minority of them have some creative bent, but theirs “works” usually turn out absurd, destructive or plagiarism. All inhumans are inclined to steal and misappropriate (both things and ideas), to exploit others instead of working themselves, to parasitize on people, nature and all things reachable for their hands.

The part of inhumans among population of different countries and times may vary from one of tens of thousands to several percents.

Let’s proceed to the next type.


Subhuman word forms
English Russian
  singular plural   ед. ч. мн. ч
masculine subman submen муж. недолю́док, недомужчи́на недолю́дки, недомужчи́ны
feminine subwoman inwomen жен. недолю́дка, недолю́дочка, недоже́нщина недолю́дки, недолю́дочки, недоже́нщины
common subhuman subhumans общ. недолю́док недолю́дки

This type of personality structure is much wider distributed and more noticeable than previous. The rough aspects of nature, vile and animal motives are displayed and prevailed in it.

Often, but not always it may be visible to the naked eye. Subhuman usually has rugged features, look, facial expression and gestures. A sensitive human ease see something bestial and not human in subhumans.

Underdeveloped subhumans

Characteristic features of underdeveloped subhuman are rude jokes and gestures, spitting, regular using of swearwords (with and without cause). Many of them are inclined to smoking, alcoholism and drug addiction from the young age. These subhumans contain themselves badly and prefer to resolve conflicts by fight, beating and violence.

Subhumans are most sexually concerned among two-legged humanlike beings. The sexuality of underdeveloped subhumans is apparent and rude.

Submen (male subhumans) are inclined to molest to any more or less attractive woman. Often they do it in the rude or even indecent form. Common rape is usually committed by exactly subhumans, and inhumans tend to sadistic and pervasive violence. Impulsivity and rude, but well motivated, aggression are inherent for underdeveloped submen.

Subwomen (female subhumans) inclined to wear provocative clothes and often use cosmetics and perfumes excessively or awkwardly. Whereas human and even midhuman woman has a delicate palate and she will not “make a doll” from herself, underdeveloped subwoman doesn’t feel that this is too much. “Doll’s consciousness” and wish for selling herself (in different forms: from the marriage of convenience to the street prostitution) are traits of underdeveloped subwoman. Subwomen which wear crudely and don’t care for themselves are found rarer. But almost all underdeveloped subwomen can’t dress modestly but in good taste (and don’t want).

Subhumans like to gather in bands similar to hordes of monkeys and sometimes assault on “aliens”. Subhumans are usually intolerant, malevolent and even aggressive for anybody who is “weird”, “too intelligent and incomprehensible”, looks and speaks not like others. Let alone national, religious and racial differences.

Nevertheless, underdeveloped subhumans quite able to work at law-skilled jobs. There many of them are found among loaders, road and agricultural workers, plumbers and salesmen. Rather less subhuman work as drivers, builders and electricians or in sphere of services. But we can find many midhumans and humans at these jobs. Connection between profession and personality structure is not a very strong.

Mentally developed subhumans

Mentally advanced subhumans can learn to dress fashionably and behave themselves in people’s society. Some even have quite pleasing appearance, and we can see vulgarity and roughness of their nature just it their eyes. Many developed subhumans are different cheats, frauds, “clever” salesmen, mercenary journalists. Others may be among politicians, managers and clerk (both state and corporate). Generally, mentally advanced subhumans are calculating, pragmatic, self-interested and egocentric persons.

Typically inhuman’s support group consists of subhumans. Subhuman per se usually doesn’t dare to do so enormous wickedness as inhuman does but ready to serve any inhuman for some money or power.

The differences between subhumans and inhumans

In contrast to inhumans, subhumans may have rudimentary human feelings and some moral limitations. For example, it is difficult for them to betray their relatives or close friends, to be sadists or executioners, to torture small children to persuade parents. Probably, subhumans will not do it by own will. But they are ready to do almost everything by command of their inhuman boss. Inhumans and subhumans are completely incapable of loosing job, breaking career and life for moral reasons. Only humans and few midhumans can dare do this.

Light subhumans (persons at transition from subhumans to midhumans) are able to show compassion and sympathy, capable of disinterested help people out. Also they can really love animals and nature. But in trying circumstances these subhumans are capable of meanness, disgrace and even crimes. Light subhuman is an unstable transitional type of personality structure.

Subhuman can change one’s personality structure under the influence of environment and circumstances. Subhuman can become a midhuman and midhuman can become a human if he lives in good social environment, communicates with good midhumans and humans, does good work. The exception is dark underdeveloped subhumans (closed to inhumans): theirs personality structure is very hard to change.

But in squalid conditions, bad social environment, and cruel struggle for existence or in the cases when subhumans become victims of violence, psychological scars or psychoactive substances – they lose residuals of humaneness and transform into inhumans. And luxurious life of rich and masterful people may give the same result. Luxury, intrigues, lack of normal human relationships and friendship – all of this easily “corrupt” subhumans and lower them to the level of inhumans.

The percentage of subhuman may be very different in different places. Subhumans, of course, are attracted to the places where they can obtain much money and carnal pleasures and often supplant midhumans and humans there. Life in the subhumans’ milieu often becomes nasty and unbearable for human, and he/she moves from big city to more quiet and pure place. Then another subhuman comes to the city and replaces the human…


Midhuman word forms
English Russian
  singular plural   ед. ч. мн. ч
masculine midman midmen муж. людь, лю́док, люди́н лю́ди, лю́доки, люди́ны
feminine midwoman midwomen жен. людь, лю́дка, люди́на, люди́нка лю́дки, люди́нки
common midhuman midhumans общ. людь лю́ди

This is the most common type.

Generally, midhumans want to live as people and nothing else. They do not show such spite and cruelty as inhumans show and rarer lie. But exploits, self-sacrifice and asceticism are not expected from them (at normal conditions).

Usually midhuman wants to be “as all” and not to stick one’s neck out. Midhuman is very dependent on opinions of the people around him and concerned of one’s reputation. If midhuman live in society with stable moral traditions he will act well because the all around do it, and he will not think about reasons of it.

In the time of changes and downfall of former ideals and norms of behaviour, midhumans often become disorientated and can not understand what’s to do, where’s to go, and how to live now. They can not anymore simply live as all others because every one of other people goes by one’s own way. And most of them don’t have firm beliefs and moral principles as well as self-confidence. So midhumans in this situation begin “to clutch at all straws” and follow any leader who speaks passionately, promises to lead to the bright future, and “he’s so wise that he knows solutions of all our problems”.

But who are these leaders and idols of midhumans really? Unfortunately, they are often subhumans or inhumans which can ease trick unsuspecting public and much rarer human lead midhumans…

Religious midhumans are often inclined to superstitions and attend to the rites and external side of religion more then essence of belief. Sometimes even Christian rites are being taken as some “magic” which can protect from troubles and make life better. Other midhumans cling onto communication with people of his own class.

Most of midhumans are honest workers and usually redeem their promises. Midhumans (especially midwomen) value family, home, job, education, stability and peace higher than other. In relatively problem-free situation they are social neuter and apolitical, and don’t want to interfere with anything. Owing to this, midhumans are very manageable… often by inhuman or subhuman managers.

As opposed to subhumans, midhumans experience twinges of conscience for obligatory wickednesses at the work but they very seldom pass from helpless indignations, regrets and discussions to any real deeds. Need for feed family with absence of abilities to doing it not through wage work bends and ruins most of midhumans. Though usually starvation death does not threaten midhuman’s family and only lowering of standard of living (which are often meant just as level of money income and material consumption) threatens. To leave current job and get lower-paid but morally acceptable another job? Oh, many midhumans incapable of this. All the more, they are incapable of any active resistance.

Only in the extremity midhumans dare do active risky deeds, rise and revolt.

A midhuman is the most social type of speaking two-legged beings. Most of midhumans don’t bear well the solitude, the wild and living in foreign country or in social environment not understanding and not accepting them.

Under external influence midhuman can change themselves. Midhuman can rise to human or degrade to subhuman or inhuman. But in the most cases midhuman’s personality structure is stable enough and remains during all the life.


Human word forms
English Russian
  singular plural   ед. ч. мн. ч
masculine man men муж. челове́к челове́ки
feminine woman women жен. челове́к,
челове́ка, челове́чка
челове́ки, челове́чки
common human humans общ. челове́к челове́ки

Human differs from midhuman in higher consciousness level, spiritual needs and comprehension. Unlike midhumans, humans don’t want to “simply live” or “live as all”. The purpose of life, explanations of everything happening around, and questions like “what is good and what is bad, and why?”, “what will remain in this world after me?” – seriously interest human. Moral problems are really important for humans. Human is usually capable of voluntary simplicity, austerity, disinterested help to others and even dissidence. He’s ready to lose habitual material and social welfares and not to act against one’s conscience/principles.

If human adopt certain religion he does it fully consciously and he can explain why he adopt this belief and what differences it from others. Unlike midhumans, humans attach greater importance to the essence of religion then to exterior and they are ready to sacrifice something significant to one’s beliefs and religion.

But many of humans have been finding none of large religion fully acceptable and feeling that something isn’t right in the every religion. Those humans try at first to search for the truth in different kinds of mysticism, meditation and new synthetic doctrines, but often will be disappointed then with it too (but somebody will not). After disappointment, humans can become atheists, agnostics or persons with unique individual beliefs. In any event, humans remain humans and refuse to term with one’s conscience, trade-off their beliefs or believe affectedly.

The vulnerable spot of many humans is their trustfulness, openness, kindness for all indiscriminately, reluctance to see and fight enemies, unwillingness to defend one’s rights and interests, and also inclination to excessively rely on “God’s will”, “justice of the world”, “the power of though and faith”. As result, these kind humans may easily fall victims to subhumans and inhumans…

But the greatest error of humans and light midhumans is to consider all speaking bipeds to be humans like them. If somebody behaves inhumanly badly, the supporters of this opinion believe that it’s occurring because he had been growing in hard conditions or he had been led astray, and it’s necessary to make good and humane life conditions for this “stray”, to talk about salvation of soul with him. And this biped will have understood all, will have repented and will have become a good human.

But this is a delusion with possibly grave consequences. This widespread delusion can be found at many religious and atheistic doctrines, and also at many utopias about new society consisted of new people. This was a big error of socialists and communists. There were many humans (and still more midhumans-humans) among file-and-rank members of these parties. They had believed sincerely that if once material conditions of life has been changed and new generation of people brought up by the “right” teachers has grown – new nice life without wars, violence, exploitation, stealing and other crimes… When all attempts to realize this had been failed, one way or another, they started speaking that “human teachability” was overestimated. As far as we understand, the teachability of different kinds of the “human-like bipeds” is different. They are being born not the same and they aren’t staying identical with each other. Personality structure is changeable, but it’s much harder than it seems.

The communism is possible just in community consisted of humans by two-thirds at least and midhumans by rest third. Only few subhumans and absolutely no inhumans can be there. On these conditions communist society is realizable.

I had been living for several days under communism in such group. It was at a labour rally in one of ecovillages. Developed midhumans, humans, superhumans were there. Only two or three subhumans and no inhumans could be found among them. I doubt whether rally organizers were psychic enough for the remote selection of candidates. The things like this attract, in the first place, midhumans, humans and superhumans but not subhumans or inhumans. Inhumans and subhumans are usually scouring the world for money and pleasures.

Some of us lived in tents, others in ecovillage’s common house. Ecovillagers fed us and we helped them to build cob houses. All were gathering at evenings, speaking and singing songs. It was good and cheerfully. Nobody drank even drop of alcohol drink, nobody disordered, swore or stole anything.

I don’t know if human community like this can exist for a long time in the cruel surrounding world. Even it survive, it will turn into what? And “companies” of inhumans and subhumans scarcely will have left humans and superhumans alone.

But inhumans and subhumans can not form any such community. Because of their hardly changeable personality structures, they usually can’t learn to make human relationships.

Humans don’t constitute a majority of wide society or even significant social group. Their percentage varies from 0.05 % to 3 – 5 % in the different places. And just in intentional communities (ecovillages, ashrams, cloisters, skits, kibbutzim etc) human and superhuman percentage may be much higher. But this is not always and not in all of intentional communities.

Next types of personality structure occur several times rarer.


Superhuman word forms
English Russian
  singular plural   ед. ч. мн. ч
masculine superman supermen муж. сверхчелове́к, свехмужчи́на сверхчелове́ки, сверхмужчи́ны
feminine superwoman superwomen жен. сверхчелове́к,
сверхчелове́ки, сверхже́нщины
common superhuman superhumans общ. сверхчелове́к сверхчелове́ки

Superhuman possess all merits and abilities of humans, and also they possess, in a varying degree, superabilities. As a rule, superhuman can recognize two-legged beings by a personality structure (at least, he can distinguish humans and midhumans from subhumans and inhumans).

The development of superabilities usually begins from appearance of deep intuition, delicate feelings and sometimes guts feeling of false. These are different kinds of clairsense. In the sequel clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairknowledge and other superabilities. But way of development of superabilities is up to each individual and unpredictable.

Thanks to these abilities, superhumans can gain in their own spiritual experience and not place their faith in something nor thoughtlessly follow somebody. But this is just a start of a long and dangerous way. Not many of superhumans will have passed this way from superhuman to God-human and will have stayed alive and healthy. Superhumans can be yet deceived by some characters, physical or not.

Other superhumans may not get extrasensory experience and may not want to practice “spiritual stalking”, and then they living usual human life (but feeling it deeper than midhuman and even human).

There many humans and superhumans among creatively gifted persons, not less than two thirds. Fine arts, literature, music and other kinds of creative work often give them the only opportunity of realization of theirs needs to make new, create beautiful and experience unusual.

But nowadays, very often, it is not possible for human or superhuman to appreciably change something even in his own real life (all the more, in the life of other people, city, society, and country). Most of political and business opportunities are closed for humans and superhumans because their conscience doesn’t allow them to dissemble, trick, bribe and use others. As opposed to humans and superhumans, subhumans and especially inhumans have no troubles with conscience because they haven’t conscience itself. As result of it, inhumans and subhumans occupy the high positions in society and humans with superhumans remain at the low positions.

Because of all this, many superhumans choose separation from the world in one form or another. For example, superhuman can become a monk, hermit, villager, traveler or even vagrant. He can’t find an appropriate place in the wide society and he is searching for opportunity of living and development separately from it. Superhuman can dare not to obey evil will; even it will cost him his job or cause other serious losses. Humans are rarely daring break with the society and superhumans are doing it much often.

Only a few of superhumans have successes in the wide society. One of several thousands superhumans can become a rich or powerful person. As a rule, this superhuman is hidden and he can act as a secret influence agent (unfortunately, he is often single-handed and can’t depend on impudent subhumans or passive midhumans). So, superhumans can do something good at that field of activity but they can’t reverse the situation.

Superhumans can be recognized by their spiritual features, clear and deep eyes, self-absorbed looks. Some of them are otherworldly and reserved, but others are very communicable and affable. Near superhuman, some of midhumans, humans and other superhumans are feeling something like heat or light shedding from him, tranquillity and bliss.

But this sign is not a very reliable. In general, it’s hard to recognize personality structure without clairvoyance, especially inhumans, instable and transitional personality structures, and “exotic” types of bipeds. And even clairvoyant superhuman can be misinformed by higher level magician who has established magical disguises.

The percentage of superhumans is of the order 0.001 % – 0.3 %.


God-human word forms
English Russian
  singular plural   ед. ч. мн. ч
masculine God-man God-men муж. Богочелове́к Богочелове́ки
feminine God-woman God-women жен. Богочелове́к,
Богочелове́ки, Богоже́нщины
common God-human God-humans общ. Богочелове́к Богочелове́ки

This is the rarest personality structure. Not more than several thousands God-humans live now on whole Earth.

The few is known about them. As I understand, God-human is a prefect (or almost perfect) human. God-human has fully developed superabilities of superhuman and no vices or shortcomings. So God-humans can see through everything and everybody. Also they know the true answer to any important question instantly thanks to their fully opened clairknowledge and remain absolutely unnoticeable.

The step between superhumans and God-humans may be wider than all previous steps taken together. I doubt whether this step can be passed in one life…

Now it’s difficult to say: is God-human the highest stage of development of personality structure or next stages exist, or additional gradation among God-humans.